Life on Earth

img 05/20/20

Acme Crow Call

Produce the call of young and old crows

img 05/23/19

Mushrooming Without Fear

Introduction to edibles

img 09/13/18

The Shape of Life

Presents the full diversity of life

img 06/1/15

Sol: Sun Clock

How many more hours of sunlight remain in the day?

img 07/17/13

Lightly On The Land

Trail building best practices

img 04/17/13

The Sun: Rise and Fall

Simple iOS App Displays Sunset and Sunrise Times

img 04/1/13

Indoor/Outdoor Humidex Thermometer

Wireless Thermometer With Comfort Level Reading

img 05/9/12

Manual of Field Geology

The go-to geology field guide

img 10/10/11


Weather data visualization

img 07/25/11

Meteorite Hunting

How to find space rocks

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