img 11/20/20

Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl

Elemental sewing machine

img 09/24/20

Cordless Glue Gun

Hot glue without power cords

img 07/7/20

Micro-shear flush cutters

For precision cutting jobs of various matierials

img 06/17/20

Kadomaru Pro Corner Cutter

Turns square corners into round corners

img 06/6/20

15 x 18 Craft Sheet

Protective work surface for messy craft and hobby projects

img 04/21/20

Brush-On Super Glue

Best way to apply tiny amounts of super glue

img 04/15/20

Tibet Almond Stick

Refresh old strings on guitars

img 02/25/20

Eye Loupe Set

A set of three eye loupes for around six bucks

img 02/12/20

Swedish Tracing Paper

Sewable and washable tracing paper

img 02/10/20

Titanium forceps

Greater precision than needle nose pliers

img 02/3/20

Yes! Paste

Paste that doesn’t cause paper to curl

img 11/8/19

Construction Adhesive

Not just for construction sites