img 01/10/20

Split Loom Tubing

Protect power cords from cable-gnawing cats

img 11/6/19

iFixit Magnetic Project Mat

Magnetic DIY repair station

img 01/15/19

Micro USB Adapter Connector

Adapter connector for cell phones and tablets

img 06/29/18

USB-C to USB-A Adapter

Connect USB-C enabled devices to USB-A devices and peripherals

img 01/22/18

External Hard Drive Enclosure

Easy way to use a bare disk as an external drive

img 12/27/17

Dell XPS13 Laptop

Smallest 13.3-inch laptop

img 08/31/17

Tech Restarter

Scheduled router rebooter

img 05/29/17

3M Ergonomic Mouse

Comfortable cursor control

img 05/12/17

Shuttle Pro V.2

15 customizable buttons for editing applications