• Accurate, Battery-less Oral/Glass Thermometer?

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  • Hoping to find a source for accurate glass Oral Thermometers to keep in First Aid kits. (We've all seen the cheap digital versions and the last time we needed ours, the battery was nearly dead, making the whole thing worse than useless.)

    I've seen reviews for several glass thermometers that have accuracy problems and "shake down" issues. I won't care whether the adult version is mercury or mercury-free, so long as it's accurate. I'll be happy to procure also (for completeness' sake) a mercury-free pediatric version.

    I'm hoping to procure "Cool Tool" grade, heirloom-quality, eternally accurate thermometers, hopefully with a rigid removable sheath/whatever to keep them intact forever.

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    Question by wayne r
Answer by paul renault

Check out the 3Ms Tempa-Dot disposable thermometers. The only trouble is storing them at room temperature or below (including the shipping process).

Answer by brody

Galinstan Glass Thermometer

Mercury Free

Thermometer from Wilson Thyroid Products

Answer by jankdc
Answer by Dan West

Thanks Dan and Oliver. I learned something! Sounds like a Galinstan thermometer might be something to try.

Answer by kevin kelly
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