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  • The ess-shaped connectors from my gutter to my downspouts are tightly curved and clog too easily. Are there any alternatives that permit a freer flow of water?

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    Question by fastjohn

What are they clogging with? You can insert fold out screens above them to catch crap, which you can empty — but that would require maintance.

Answer by kevin kelly

We have had really good luck with a leaf beater that keeps out all the leaves and other assorted stuff (recently the squirrels were filling our gutters with peanut shells!). We have a flat roof and one main downspout handles all the rain coming off the roof with no problem.

Answer by ubizubi

I've seen (in Asian tropics) "downspouts" that are just chain drops. I mean, they're just long lengths of large-but-not-heavy metal chain. It's to provide a drip path. Works well, simple, looks great too.

Answer by wayne ruffner
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