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  • I really enjoy listening to baseball on the radio. It seems like my only opportunity to do this is when I'm doing yard work, mowing the lawn, or other activities that make a traditional portable AM radio impractical, if not impossible. I've owned a poorly made FM radio headset in the past, but it didn't work well and it didn't receive the AM band--where baseball lives, at least around here. So I'm wondering if anyone can recommend either a high-quality pocketable AM (or AM/FM) radio with headphone output, or one of those oh-so stylish all-in-one headphone radios--as long as it, too, can receive an AM signal.

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    Question by the_other_bill

Sangean makes maybe nothing but radios, and pretty good ones too. I'd give their DT-110 a try. or go to their website (sangean.com) and look at their "Pocket Radios" and pick from there.

Or go to ccrane.com and check their pocket radio list.

Answer by wayne ruffner

Thanks, Wayne. I've coveted a CC radio for years, and hadn't considered that they might make an applicable pocket radio too.

In fact, I've done a bit of research and found that there really are a lot of headphone-ready pocket radio options out there. I'm, frankly, surprised. I was sure I'd have to resort to the headphone radio.

The Sangean radios definitely tend to come up in recommendations on Amazon, and you're not the first to specifically mention the DT-110. But you are the first Cool Tools reader--which makes it a qualified response!

Anyway, thanks so much for your suggestion. I think I'll try the DT-110.

Answer by the_other_bill
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