• Amazon Fire TV stick - how to use this device to get laptop data to display on our HDTV?

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  • I've owned the Fire TV stick a month and I have found it IMPOSSIBLE to get a local church service, which plays fine on my laptop, "flung" [if that's the correct term] to our HDTV where the Fire TV stick resides.

    Sling TV works great on the HDTV, on the iPad, on the laptop, but shouldn't I be able to use the Fire TV stick to get a broadcast showing on the laptop to display on the HDTV???

    (BTW, I have asked this question online of Amazon and got only a canned response.  Thanks, Amazon!)

    I've also searched through lots of Amazon tutorials about the Fire TV stick, trying to get this to work.  NO luck.

    Any clue for me (the clueless) will be much appreciated!


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    Question by chazz101s

The tech is called Miracast, the Fire TV is ”certified” but your laptop will need to be capable of it, and fire TV isn’t the best adapter. I found a lot of advice just googling ”fire TV Miracast” but it never really worked for me. The Chromecast has been better for this sort of thing, at least for me. 

Answer by rbhm
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