• Any tiny attachments to make eyeglasses findable?

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  • Does anyone sell attachments to put onto small household objects -- especially eyeglasses -- paired with some sort of tool to help find them when misplaced? I located the EyeWhere device (http://eyewhereinc.com/order.asp); does anyone have any feedback on that device? The EyeWhere clearly has a battery in the part attached to the eyeglass; I was hoping that there could be some sort of passive device that was much smaller for doing the task.

    Something like a tiny RFID chip would be super. Are the RFID transceivers all way too expensive to make this feasible? I found a patent on putting RFID in glasses ( http://www.faqs.org/patents/app/20080218684 ), but no information about any retail sales.

    Any other ideas? Thanks!

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    Question by floatingbones

just wear them on a grannie string around your neck. cheap and simple

Answer by waq

Do you have an unusual prescription? If not, I'd just buy a LOT of cheap glasses over the Internet. You can get 3 or 4 cheapo pairs for the price of one EyeWhere.....

Answer by efnord
Answer by macrobiot1951
Answer by macrobiot1951

It's past time for some techie to patent a chip that could be epoxied to eyeglasses with a remote finder. Thank of the time it would save hunting.

Answer by jaime

I would be in line to buy a couple.

Answer by jaime

It’s something that occurred to me a while ago. Just a little web browsing confirms it is feasible and economies of scale also make it easily affordable. Your search device would be – what else? – your smartphone. If you misplace that it can be called from another phone. Spectacles are probably the most commonly misplaced item but the idea could apply to a whole range of things: keys, remote control devices, wristwatch, wallet. Many of these things are becoming obsolescent as smart devices can replace them.

Answer by foxy
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