• Anything I should do while I have a wall open?

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  • I'm in the process of tearing out an old, leaking, tile shower on the second floor of my parent's two-story house (1930s plaster construction, cape style). Once out, I'm planning on redoing all the plumbing and running some new outlets as well (it shares a wall with the kitchen). I also plan on washing everything down inside with bleach and replacing any rotten wood. My question is, while I have this area open, is there anything else I should look at or consider doing? Since this is the first time the attic crawlspace will be open I'm considering poking my head up there and adding some more insulation. Anything else?

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    Question by derek murawsky

Conduit for data cable will probably be useful one day (rather sooner, if you have it). If I have my walls open that's what I'd be putting in.

Answer by willyyam

Leave today's newspaper and a note in the wall! Maybe a photograph? We recently renovated and I was looking for notes and interesting "treasures" in all the walls. I found a note from the 1920s about the plumbing. I wish I found other cool things!

Answer by becca

Consider a ventilation system such as an in-wall fan and vent through the attic to roof. Sometimes, opening a window is not practical, as in the dead of winter.

Answer by gryhze

Take photo of walls just before covering for future reference about studs, pipes, wiring and etc.

Answer by buckeyenut

Photograph it. I photographed all the walls in our house as we built them, but before we put the sheetrock on. I now have a very good record of what is inside, in case we need to make a modification. I've used the photographs a couple of times, letting us design modifications without having to open it up first.

Answer by kevin kelly

Why not add a window as well?

Answer by christopher

I was moving some antique furniture into a house a few years back and the gentleman wanted to show me that he had speakers in the wall. They were totally invisible, but sounded great. I don't know what separated the speaker and the paint. A totally unnecessary luxury, but cool nonetheless.

Answer by stephen kaerwer

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Answer by david
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