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  • Hi,

    I jog to and from work and am looking at recommendations for a backpack that can hold all my work clothes while I run. It will hold a shirt, jeans, belt and shoes. I currently use a 'normal' backpack but I find it moves too much even when tightened. It also feels restrictive and does not hug my body well. Do any readers use a backpack that is made specifically for running?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Question by hon_b

Try this.

The backpack fits a TON of stuff, and has a thin profile that allows you to run with it on. It also has buckles across the chest and above the hip to prevent the backpack from moving around.

Answer by manicprogressive

Not a jogger, but I have this and love it. It's small and when cinched down fits nicely to your back

Answer by phrakture
Answer by adam skinner

Deuter makes fantastic packs. It looks like the Compact Air EXP 10 would be a good fit for your needs. It is a small pack that uses their Aircomfort system. On an Aircomfort pack the only thing that touches your back is a mesh panel with an air cavity behind it. It is very comfortable and virtually eliminates the added perspiration that is usually associated with wearing a pack while running.

You can get it from REI.

Answer by danhorst

The REI Flash 18 isn't made specifically for running, but I've been jogging with it for a month or so not, and it works great for the purpose. I usually run with a jacket and shoes in the bag.

Answer by kejadlen

I love the Salomon XA 10 I have for this since it comes with a hydration bladder which is removable. When I'm using it for carrying a post-race change of clothes, I either take the bladder out or leave it empty to be filled at the race. When I just want a hydration pack, it is small and light enough to be good for that. For me, this pack was a good balance between being able to carry a change of clothes and having a hydration pack.

Answer by chris scott

I run very frequently with the Deuter Race X Air. I love this pack, mesh everywhere that touches my body, and a frame that holds the back away from my body. Plus straps that stabilize well when running. I have done many 10+ mile runs with this pack, carrying spare clothes, water, and food for long trail runs around Boulder. Plus I use the pack for running to do errands around town, getting some exercise while I do errands. The Race X Air is on the small side, so you can't carry too much, but that means it does not flop around when near empty too. Racer X Air

Answer by tommyvee
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