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  • We all see those awesome high-speed video shots all over the discovery channel. Renting one of those camera costs thousands of dollars for just a few days. What is the best high-speed video solution that I might be able to use at home? I have seen digital cameras that can take a few seconds of video at a time. Is there anything better if quality of footage and length of segment are negotiable?

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    Question by hedin

This is on my Amazon.com wishlist.

Answer by courtney ostaff

Casio EX-F1 Exilim. It can take up to 1200 frames per second. You will find cheaper high speed cameras, but videos from those will be dark and grainy compared to this. I don't know why the price is so high, when it first came out it was only $1000. It won't give you the same quality as those professional scientific ones, but it is good enough for satisfying most curiosities.

Answer by todd hathaway
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