• Best dishwasher safe insulated water bottle?

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  • I am looking for an insulated dishwasher safe water bottle. Anything good I find either needs to be hand washed or doesn't hold items at temperature. I have one that isn't dishwasher safe which is insulated enough to have ice stay solid for ~8 hours.

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    Question by silverhalide

I’ve been pretty happy with my Klean Kanteen insulated water bottles. They’ve kept hot hot and cold cold for 8+ hours and are dishwasher safe per the manufacturer. I’ve had mine for 2+ years and would buy them again.

Answer by satogal


is the bottle the wife and i use. She is a postal worker and has cold water out in the mail truck all day.  I keeps ice very well and has a no leak top.

Answer by wildbillbigbill

Whatever keeps fluids hot will usually keep them cold.  For a travel mug, I use this one (have it in two different sizes) http://kk.org/cooltools/zojirushi-stainless-steel-mug/

 Personally, for keeping fluid cold, I like liter Nalgene bottles.  They’re dishwasher safe.  Coupled with an insulated bottle holder from OR or REI, they’ll keep the fluid’s temp relatively constant for a few hours.  

Answer by krooney
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