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  • It seems like a lot of printers, you pay dearly for the print cartridges. Maybe that's the way it is or maybe not. With the black-and-white printers I've had some experience, especially with HP printers. For example Hp LaserJet 3005 or 3015 have been great network printers for heavy-duty jobs and the cartridges seem to last a long time and are relatively reasonable. Where as the HP LaserJet 2035 pretty low volume and the cartridges seem inversely costly. I think a printer can be a cool tool, as it were, and perhaps some of you might be able to point in the right direction for a high-volume color printer that is networkable. And if possible with reasonable cartridge prices. Thanks

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    Question by vinko

Consider the costs involved in an organization of "high volume" printing: The machines themselves, the toner, the paper, the confusion when things don't go exactly right, the jams, the maintenance visits, and - I hope - the recycling containers, etc.

In my life and those frequently around me, printing is a quite rare thing. Documents are shared via the network, PDF creation software is usually pretty easy to deal with, and new Office software lets you save directly into PDF too. Specific information is easier to find while it's still in the computer rather than in some particular pile, too.

So, while I understand that printing is central to some organization's purposes, I'd like to suggest that you consider wholly changing your approach toward avoiding printing in the first place.

Answer by wayne ruffner

I don't know if they've changed over the years, but I've always heard BAD things about Xerox Phaser printers, particularly their incredibly high cost of consumables.

And don't go anywhere near Dell laser printers. I bought one once (it was cheap!) and the damn toner carts wouldn't last more than a few hundred pages and cost $50 each for black!

Answer by Captain Packrat

Cap’t: much thanks. Found that current HP 3010 and 3015 are pretty good.

Wayne: A little righteous and heavy-handed, but I’ll take it in the spirit that (I hope) it was intended: you usefully suggest something that is important: that one should think about the larger picture as it relates to what one needs to print sand why. Printing for us is indeed unavoidable, but I have thought about ways in which we can reduce (sometimes significantly) what we have to print.

Having said that, if one does have to have paper (and thus a printer) one should consider one that is well made. Just like any other tool. It costs more to the environment to have to replace than it does to have to purchase more than once, or replace regularly. I apply this maxim to all the tools in my shop, from fabrication to office.

Answer by vinko

I agree with Vinko. I am also using HP laserJet printer and its feature is quite amazing. Actually, I choose HP printer because of it blazing speed and it performs smoother while printing.
Mike Wheeler

Answer by mikewheeler
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