• Best other tool review sites?

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  • What other tool review sites are there that are worth visiting?

    I know about these:

    ToolGuyd (mostly industry news and occasional reviews)

    Toolmonger ( lots of industry news but with informed comments )

    Make magazine Toolbox (great stuff, real user reviews)

    Consumer Reports (classic great research)

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    Question by kevin kelly

There is the wirecutter, http://thewirecutter.com/

This was started by someone whom I believe came from Gizmodo. The interesting thing about this site is that he is rather opinionated--not necessarily in a negative way, just "you want a camera? Get this one!"

Answer by tim

I check all of those daily (I'm a bit obsessed with tools. Another good one is professional-power-tool-guide.com . They have a ton of reviews.

Answer by stephen kaerwer

Great suggestions. I had forgotten about Wirecutter.

Didn't know about Pro Power tool. Thanks.

Any others?

Answer by kevin kelly
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