• Best poster or document storage tube for travel?

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  • I have to travel (flight) with 10-13 3' x 4' posters and am looking for heavy-duty, large-diameter poster storage tube with some kind of strap for shoulder totage. I've found plenty of cardboard and clear plastic tubes online, but they're either too flimsy or not wide enough to comfortable roll 10 posters into. Any advice very much appreciated!

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Years ago (back in 1997), I bought a nice black plastic tube that expanded vertically and had a strap to carry it on my shoulder. It is about 6 or 7 inches in diameter. I bought it from The Container Store - a chain store in the USA. Unfortunately, I did a quick search but did not see it.

If you have The Container Store -or a store like it- near you, try there. You could also ask at a travel store or a business supply store (here in the USA: Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, or a local store).

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Answer by jwmegee

UPS sells something called an 'express tube' for posters which has a triangular rather than circular cross section. I think they're better than circular tubes because they're stronger, unfold to pack flat, and more comfortable to carry than a tube if you add a strap. More to the point for your question, unlike a circular tube, they're easy to make yourself out of flat cardboard in any size/diameter you need. Link to the UPS version here (second item down): http://www.ups.com/content/us/en/resources/ship/packaging/supplies/boxes.html

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When I was a graduate student, we had to transport posters for meetings. I bought a section of polyethylene drainage pipe from my local hardware store. They also sold polystyrene end caps that would make a waterproof seal on the cut ends. This would hold a lot of posters for transport. I had to use POP rivets to attach a nylon webbing strap for carrying. You should check with your airline to see what restrictions they have on the length of carryon luggage. I am pretty sure that you'd have to check your poster carrier, if it will be as long as four feet. Three feet long? Maybe. Also, loose straps tend to get caught in luggage handling equipment. A detachable shoulder strap may be best.

Answer by danyhkim

I use an ArtBin tube to transport posters to conferences. It expands to 60" long, is sturdy, and has a carrying strap that attaches to the lid so you don't misplace it. I've not carried more than 2 or 3 posters in it, but it looks to be like it would hold many more.


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Answer by cafiorello

Would a FLY ROD CASE work? They are sturdy, but I don't know how large of diameter is available.

Answer by erdrphil
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