• Best resources/tools for amateur/dyi network admin?

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  • Hi I run a small business that's getting bigger but not so big we can hire a full time or even really pastime IT person. Though on occasion we have gotten part time help

    I run a network with microsoft small bus server 2008 and abt 15 client pc's with win 7. And a lot of networked printers and the like

    I'd love to find a good reference book that can help me with the software and hardware demands of running a network. Esp. As I expand. I know Mac but I find PC so daunting. I've bought several, read some, glanced at others but to no real avail. Time is short, my skills are minimal.

    Can any kind soul recommend a good book, maybe a forum even that we'd be of help?


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    Question by vinko

Maybe get a study guide for the CompTIA Network+ exam?

Answer by Captain Packrat

Thanks Cap’t Packrat. I ended up with a few books from the “Network Professional’s Library” (McGraw-Hill/Osborne) that were rather informative (if a little challenging). I’m also browsing various forums (the names escape me at the moment), but I think forums (and their collective wisdom) can be cool-tools too!

Answer by vinko
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