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  • Back in the good old days, Google used to automatically display the best prices at different websites when you searched for an item. Now they only display prices for sites that pay their extortion (er...advertising) fee, which doesn't always show the lowest price for what you're looking for.

    Has anyone found an alternative way to find the best price for something on the Internet?

    (Edit: I guess I should clarify that I'm not looking for coupon or promotional codes, just a search engine that spits out current prices for an item.)

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    Question by cpn

Try [priceblink][1] . It runs in the background as a browser plug-in and a toolbar appears when you are looking at a product. You can then choose to compare other prices if you want to. It checks all the best bargain sites including ebay, newegg, amazon, amazon warehouse, racuten, sears, the list goes on and on. It lists them in order of least expensive (cost = price + shipping) first (at least that is how I have it set. The service has saved me countless dollars on a large variety of products and has many other features...


Answer by stvntylr

http://www.5stardealreviews.com is a one stop user guide that effectively helps users with their buying decisions and eliminate doubts.

Answer by zhaiping

I think you are referring to shopping comparison sites. My favorites to find the most choices are http://shop.com, and http://estonish.com.

Answer by kperry
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