• best solar charger for iphone?

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  • I do a lot of backpacking and have found my iPhone 4 is great as a multi-purpose device: GPS maps, video camera, music player, entertainment. The only problem is that the battery tends to die after a day out. I'm looking for the best solar charger device out there: something lightweight, simple, durable, that will charge an internal battery or the iPhone as quickly as possible and store as much extra juice as possible. Ideally, the device I'm looking for will not weight more than 12 oz. and will be able to fully charge the iPhone on 4-6 hours of sunlight (an average day).

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    Question by samuel kordik

This isn't as straightforward as an out-of-the-box solution, but this Instructable provides instructions needed for making your own portable solar charger that incorporates a second battery. All the parts can be picked up at Adafruit and it seems like folks have been modifying the design to their needs (some are using Pelican cases). If you know how to wield a soldering iron this might be a good solution.

Answer by Oliver Hulland

I'm a big fan of the Joos Pack


It's a battery that charges by solar so no matter what, if it's charged, it'll charge up your..whatever. if it doesn't have a stored up charge, it automatically starts charging from the cells. It also comes with a few connectors for different products.

I currently own 2!

Answer by achristocat

I have found a really powerful 6w Pocket sized portable solar USB panel that is perfect for cellphones! Check it out and see what you think Solar iPhone Charger

Answer by ryan brown

Sweet I just found this! Best Solar iPhone 4/4s solar charger. Check it out...

Answer by jerry
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