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  • My son is a new driver and needs sunglasses. His eye doctor also suggested them as he has blue eyes. I checked CoolTools and found someone suggested Panama Jack. Does anyone have any other suggestions? (Also, I'd prefer not to break the bank).

    Thank you.

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    Question by adamh

Solar Shield sunglasses (available at Walgreens & CVS, etc.) are inexpensive, polarized and easy to get. I wear glasses and the Solar Shield models fit over them without issue. These have side panels too, and an extra ridge inside the top to fit your brow (so sunlight won't come in behind the glasses and cause problems by reflecting off your face, etc.). 100% UV protection is a feature of these, too.

These aren't the most beautiful sunglasses around. Not even close. But they're terrific for driving. Love them in the Summer, and they're indispensable when there's snow and sun. Cheap enough to put a couple of pairs in each car.

And since your son likely won't want to wear these things outside the car, they might not get lost too fast as well.

Answer by wayne ruffner

I really like Calcutta and Bimini Bay sunglasses. These are high quality glasses that come in a variety of styles and lenses (Polarized and non-polarized). You can find Calcuttas at West Marine and you can find Bimini Bays at many fishing stores. Here in Houston I go to Fishing Tackle Unlimited. At $30 I don't worry about breaking or losing them too much, but they are as good as any sunglasses made.

Answer by jtango

I have Oakley’s, replaced the nose bridge rubber piece twice, and just replaced the rubber pieces that go over the ears. I hope these last for a few more years. My brother used to wear gasoline station sunglasses, bought him Oakley’s for his birthday 3 years ago. He called me a few weeks afterwards, said he will never buy another pair of cheap sunglasses again. You can’t beat a good pair of sunglasses, they are worth every penny you pay for them.¬†

Answer by cattle
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