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  • I'm looking for the best tool roll for a quick travel tool kit to give as a gift. Canvas or other heavy duty materiel would work.


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    Question by yanceylebeef

Well, maybe not as a gift, unless you dress it up a bit, but I made a tool roll from the cut-off part of a blue jeans pant leg. You can customize the length and the size of the slots. Remove one of the seams to use as a tie-strap and attach to the back side of the roll. Made mine for my car tools and it's still in use after 22 years.

Answer by seschenburg

I'm an espresso machine technician and we need to carry a lot of tools related to plumbing, electrical and water pressure. But carrying a 50 pound bag into a caffe does not always work and my old body rebels. I bought the Carhartt 10082201 Legacy Tool Roll, Black on a lark off amazon and it's great. It fits a small set of flared wrenchs, A fluke multimeter, assorted screwdrivers & plier, a scale and two crescents, it wraps up and easy to carry into jobs and I've found I rarely need my large bag.


Answer by baristaman
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