• best way to carry 2 cell phones?

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  • I recently started a new job (yay!) and one of the requirements is that I carry a corporate iPhone with me.  Since I already have a personal iPhone, I'm now juggling the two and am bound to lose or drop one or the other.

    Ideally, I'd like to find a leather wallet-style case that can accommodate an iPhone 6s Plus and an iPhone 7 (although I would consider upgrading my personal phone to a 7 if that made things easier).  I've found several nice options but they are from Europe and will not ship outside of the EU.

    I'm grateful for any suggestions!  Thank you.  :)

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    Question by evieb

Airlines provide first class amenities in bags that might work.  Do an eBay search for ”first class amenities kit”.  The website everydaycarry.com shows solutions to keeping things organized.  

Answer by jeff

I have the same requirement but rather than carry two phones, I’ve just set my personal phone to forward calls and texts to my work phone.  You can do this under Settings/Messages for text and Settings/Phone/Verizon Services (or your provider).  On the receiving phone, if you wish to send texts as though they are from your personal number, just sign in to both with the same iCloud account and then go to Settings/Messaging/Send and Receive to select the number from which to text.  Park your personal phone at home or in the car on a charger and use it for a music library or something else.  It will keep forwarding your calls and texts and you won’t have to carry both devices.

Answer by link
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Cargo pants lower velcro pockets.

Answer by laral

Not quite a ”how to carry two phones” answer, but I solve a similar problem (needing a work phone and a personal phone) by using a phone that can take two SIM cards. These aren’t common in many countries, but are popular in Asian countries. I had to import my second one (a Samsung S5 Duos) but my current one (Moto G4 Plus) I bought locally (I’m in Australia). It totally solved the problem of having to carry two phones. I can turn off my work SIM on the weekend if I wanted (I don’t) and I can assign default ringtones per SIM or per contact and default SIMs per contact.

The Motorola/Lenovo phones seem to handle the dual SIM capability a bit better; with the Samsung phone I had to select which SIM to use for each and every call, with the Moto it can remember which SIM you use for each contact.

Answer by gord

Though I would propose another digital option.  For me, I ported my previous cell # to Google Voice.  I then setup my Android phone to support both work and personal email.   From my phone, everytime I make a call it asks which number I want to use (GV or work), all calls to GV just come into my work number (forwarding), and then for text I have historically used Google Hangouts and it allows me to send outgoing texts from either number.  Google is in teh middle of a change again, so at this stage I have personal and work texts separated into different apps.

Answer by derrickd

Hi Evieb, I had a cheap hard plastic handlebar mount for my iphone but the flexible clips that wrapped around the sides of the phone to hold it in place broke (I think the extremely cold temperatures in New England made it too brittle one day). My fix was to grind off all protruding elements (leaving just a flat surface on its valuable ball joint handlebar mount) and to crazy glue an even cheaper rubber wetsuit onto it. So this brought to mind a possible solution to your problem. You could buy two wetsuits and glue them back to back. If you do, I would try to glue them (zap-a-gap is great CA glue) only towards the center 1/3 of the surface leaving the perimeter free and flexible to remove the phone. Cheap enought to be worth a try.

Answer by rnarracci
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