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  • I'm looking for a professional quality blood pressure monitor - what should I get?

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    Question by deadprogrammer

If you have an iPhone, I like the Withings BP monitor and the iBP app. Really like having readings automatically recorded with graphs, history, and ability to email to my doctor.

Answer by dlangendorf

We recently purchased an Omron 10+ Blood Pressure machine. It can hold 100 readings for 2 users and includes the ability to download the data to a computer.

My wife took it in to the Dr's office and it gave the same reading as the nurse.

Answer by yourlefthand

I have liked Omron 7300w. When I brought it to my Doc's for calibration, it was extremely close to the nurses reading (been a while so I forget how close, but definitely within clinical significance.) Doc said Omron makes the best home BP devices.

Answer by aquaregia

To preface, in my first career (from 1980-early 2000's), I was in software, working on everything-microcomputer, from higher level user interface software and networking APIs, and other communications projects, to assembly language code. I have a low tolerance for things that don't do what they're supposed to do. This is why I like Cool Tools, for find the...well, the cool tools.

Now I am a Registered Nurse in acute care, and although I do not use this unit at work, I was impressed enough with the reviews on Amazon.com that I bought this one for home to have a quick, simple way to take blood pressures on various family members. I have a good Welch-Allen manual sphygmomanometer (more commonly and easily referred to as a blood pressure thingy), but it's a pain to have to use the necessary stethoscope. Having said that, I do recommend that if you really need accuracy, to have it as a backup, particularly if you get a scary reading, whether your concern is high blood pressure, or low.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, I bought this Panasonic Blood Pressure Monitor about a year ago, and we love it. The thing that always amazes me is that it starts out with a very quiet hum--hardly noticable-- as it starts to pump up, but even that sound stops within a few seconds, and you continue to feel the cuff pump up. I imagine that it pumps up an internal air tank, and lets it out slowly, as needed.

I don't hesitate to recommend this unit to people.

Answer by jcjewell
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