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  • With the new LED's, it seems that there should be an awesome, small, light weight book light. I didn't find anything in the archives. And the top Amazon reviewed light uses 3 AAA batteries. That's not terribly light or small. Anyone got anything great?

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    Question by mrmathman

I preferred the AAA versions myself - longer life than a coin battery, and fewer hassles replacing them (with rechargeable Eneloops, of course).

That's until I got a Kindle Paperwhite. Kills the whole need for external light and, when next to Honeypie, no noisy page-flipping either.

Answer by wayne ruffner

i got from ebay great led light , search the terms "light bulbs led" on ebay and im sure you will find great stuff there!!

Answer by sheldon michaleson

I went shopping and am still not satisfied. There are lots of models to choose from. Everything from a tiny watch battery (downside: hard to replace) to 3 AAA's. Three AAA's seems heavier than need be. Still curious if there is one that shines better than the rest at a light weight.

Answer by mrmathman
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