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  • I'm going to lose use of my right (dominant) hand in a week due to surgery and want some alternatives for typing. Has anyone used any keyboards or software to make the down time less unproductive? One-Hand Keyboard: Free One-Hand Typing?

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    Question by kdnavrat

Same problem last year ... focus on rehab :(

Answer by eljeffe

This is a little late, but I was shocked at the quality of Windows built in voice recognition software. Between my one good hand, and my voice, I was able to get back to work a day after surgery. A headset is a definite requirement, but there are really good cheap ones on Amazon. I hope it all went well for you.

Answer by aaaaa thatsfiveas

Doug Englebart, inventor of the graphical interface and mouse, also invented a gadget that (after a little training) allowed one-handed typing, using key-chords–and at a faster speed than a keyboard. (Nowadays it could operate wirelessly.) I dunno if anyone is offering it as an accessory. If not, someone ought to.

Answer by roger knights
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