• Can Mac-Mini be used as a DVR ? Is this setup easy to use as DVR ?

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  • Mac-Mini is a little computer with HDMI out and fanless body. It should make a very good DVR except for the fact that a TV-Tuner card or USB dongle would need to be added and a third party software would need to be used. Has anyone used such a setup as a DVR and can it be as easy to use as a cable company DVR or a TiVo ?

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    Question by sb37

I'm sure by now you've found the EyeTV, which makes a good Mac TV recording setup. In my opinion, it's not as good an experience as a cable company DVR or TiVo, though. The Mac will always be more "fiddly", requiring system updates and maybe even crashing from time to time. Sure, TiVo does that too, but in the past I've found TiVo to be more reliable.

There's nothing like watching TV and seeing a popup that says "Mac OS system updates are ready to install". The only way to dismiss the message is to get out a keyboard and mouse or use an app like Mobile Mouse to dismiss it.

Answer by dalton
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