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  • Hello, I have been using the Venus ProSkin Moisturerich razor for a few months now and while I like it, I hate that I must constantly change the blade every 3-4 times I use it. Admittedly, I have course hair, but this seems a bit excessive. Also, the new blade is not always sharp enough to get everything the first pass. Does anyone have any recommendations for a close shaving razor, disposable or refillable? The attached gel bars are great, but I don't mind a good razor without them.

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    Question by leetree

The best rated electric razor from Consumer Reports is Philips Norelco Satinelle Ice.

Blades are the closest, and I freely confess to stealing my husband's razor blades. Much nicer than a woman's. If you keep coupons for them, you can usually get one of those nice $10 or $12 ones for $1.

Note that razors will increase the cooarse feeling of stubble because the edges are cut, rather than curved in an ungroomed hair.

Have you considered waxing? It lasts six weeks. Or a depilatory cream? Because it doesn't cut, the stubble isn't as noticeable, and therefore you can go longer before you need to do it again, compared to shaving.

Answer by courtney ostaff

Ask any woman who does this kind of shaving on a professional basis: as Courtney says, men's blades are a better bargain and as good or better. The Fusion blades are the equivalent to Venus but narrower and more maneuverable, and rather than using the disposable you can get a handle with replaceable blades and only spend about $2-$3 each time you need a new one see e.g. http://www.amazon.com/Gillette-Fusion-Manual-Cartridges-8-Count/dp/B004B891MA/ .

Answer by chunk

You can find some of the best womans shaver at amazon. they have a huge selection and the best prices around. 

Answer by tooonyg
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