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  • I have a huge collection of bookmarks that I use for work. They're organized in a folder system that's gotten very unwieldy and difficult to use. I often have to bookmark a website in more than one folder. I'd like to be able to convert all of my existing folders into tags that I can simply search. This way, a website formerly bookmarked under "Africa," "health" and "AIDS" would now simply have these terms as searchable tags.

    I've tried Evernote, Delicious, Chrome, and some other things, but none of these seem to actually CONVERT folders to tags. They offer bookmark tagging, of course, but still leave me needing to go through my entire bookmark collection one by one, adding tags.

    Please help! If such a service doesn't exist, will someone please build it??

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    Question by sassib

Have you tried Google Bookmarks? It has been awhile since I imported my bookmarks into it, but it might do a folder->label conversion...

You have to install the Google Toolbar in Firefox first to do the import though. You can delete them once you do the import if you don't like it.

I use the web interface for Google Bookmarks instead of the toolbar.

https://www.google.com/bookmarks/ http://support.google.com/bookmarks/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=178166

Answer by dapperdanman

EDIT: I missed the part where you said you tried Evernote

Evermore. Http://evernote.com. I had a large number of bookmarks and was having two problems. First, I was having a hard time keeping them organized and longed for a way of grouping favorites together without having to save in multiple locations. Secondly, some of the bookmarked pages would be removed by their owner.

Evermore has an extension for Chrome which lets me clip articles to Evernote where I have a copy even if the author takes down the original page. I can also apply tags to make the article searchable. Lastly, it gives me a link to the article where I can see the original page.

I use it for bookmarking news articles, how-tos and of course Cool Tools.

I use Evernote for a lot more than bookmarks, but I think it will meet your needs.

Did I mention they have clients for Windows, OS X, Android and iOS. You can also access your notes from their website.


Answer by 1u72

I haven't used this program. This service http://www.diigo.com/help/bookmark/8 says that it does this.

I use this bookmarking site: http://pinboard.in. Not sure if it will do what you want.

Answer by creakinator

If you happen to be a Mac user, I think BookMacster will do what you want: http://sheepsystems.com/products/bkmx/

It has tons of options and the developer is very responsive.

Answer by roblewis
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