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  • I'm looking for recommendations for a digital microscope fully compatible with Macs (usb/firewire) or a microscope with usb/firewire digital camera (again mac compatible). It must have at minimum 200x and 800x magnification settings. I want be able to record videos, and to capture still images (as, at minimum, TIFF and JPG).

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    Question by James Piers Taylor

Dino-Lite has some 1.3 mega pixel models that are compatible with Mac if you're running 10.4 or higher on your operating system (Tiger). The only problem is 200x is as high as they go (and maintain Mac compatability) so that doesn't completely answer your question, sorry. But that it worth mentioning anyways.

The Dino-Lite AM411T is a good option.

Answer by microscope

I realize this is over a year later, but take a look at ProScope. They have a good reputation.

Answer by Dan West
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