• Does anyone know of a good Laundry Wringer for under $100?

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  • I bought the Breathing Washer that was listed on here some time ago, and just got around to using it for the first time today. I found it to be quite nice, but that a lot of time and effort was spent wringing the water out of clothing.

    It seems laundry wringers are something of an obscure item these days (go figure). I've been considering using an old mop bucket instead. It doesn't have to get the laundry bone dry, as I hang these clothes outside, but I would like to get them as dry as I can wring them by hand.

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    Question by tylo

Go to lehmans.com and check out their "Our Good Wringer". Lehmans is the go to place for all things non- electric.

Answer by wyldr1

Hey Tylo....You might check this out instead of a wringer...http://www.kk.org/cooltools/archives/003059.php

Answer by wyldr1
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