• Fireproof Safe - Any recommendations for a small document safe?

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  • I live in an NYC high-rise and since I have no control of my neighbor's habits, I think it would probably be wise if I started using a fireproof safe for my hard-to-replace documents. I was thinking of one with a safety window of one-to-two hours, but I don't want to spend a fortune. Any recces for a brand or a specific model ... something under $300? Thx.

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    Question by nyc

Suggest you scan all important docs onto your hard drive, auto backup to the cloud with Dropbox (free) and bank safe deposit box for those irreplaceable docs that must be retained in the original and can't easily be replaced. If an asteroid hits your house, all will be instantly available (assuming you were not home at the time) as soon as you find an Internet-connected computer (or phone).

Answer by swaskow

Having scanned/ PDF copies of essential documents also saves loads of time when inevitably some agency or insurance company asks you to verify that your children are, in fact, your children.


Answer by christopher
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