• Flexible finish for round rubber ball.

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  • Background: At work for the past 10 years or so our mailroom lady has been collecting blue rubber bands on a golf ball core and it has slowly been accumulating to a very large ball. It currently weighs about 20lbs and is approximatly 10-11" in diameter. The elestics are getting dried out over time and we would like to preserve this huge ball of rubber.

    Product I am seeking: I am looking for a sealing product that I can put on this ball that will remain flexible and somewhat clear. And even suggestions on how to seal this thing. would be appreciated.

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    Question by arkusm

Maybe the guys who make custom bowling balls could embed your rubber ball into a clear bowling ball?

Answer by wayne ruffner

You could try Krylon’s Crystal Clear Acrylic. Apply it in thin coats.

Answer by casey
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