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  • Looking for an Iphone inventory app that can record GPS location and export data into access or excel. I need to inventory equipment spread across an area and would like to be able to record information about each item as well as its gps coordinates. I would also need the gathered information to be able to export into access or excel. Does anyone know of a iphone app that is capable of this. Android could work too.

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    Question by scoreya

RoboGEO software might be pretty much what you need - if your phone's camera can geotag (put GPS coordinates into the EXIF fields of your photos), you can use RoboGEO to create the KML/whatever files you'd like to use. Otherwise, use a GPS & camera combo. Once the camera & GPS have sync'ed clocks, you shoot all your items. Later, with the software, you can create all sorts of output to track your stuff.


Generally, what you're talking about is a very simple GIS (Geographic Information System) that attaches info to location. In a "real" GIS, the data you collect can be mixed in with zillions of other GIS records for all sorts of simple-to-sophisticated analysis. You can always go big on this one!

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AntiMap Log does this (free) and has iOS and Android versions.

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Google's My Track for Android tracks your location data, and exports it in various formats - of special interest to you would be CSV - this file can be imported easily into Excel.


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