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  • The Amazon reviews for this slipper suggest that it is no longer worth recommending. Does anyone know of another good slipper?

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    Question by jwmci

I needed a pair of slippers and when I saw these Acorn Mocs on clearance at REI for $20, I grabbed a pair. It’s been a month and my toes are still happy. I’ve owned slippers from Acorn before and they held up well. 


Answer by doofusdan

I’m surprised to see the Haflinger no longer recommended! I’ve had my pair for almost 2 years of daily use and they’re holding up great. They don’t even look very worn. My husband has had his pair for over a year with the same result.

Answer by kateler

I guess it is a case of YMMV. The pair I bought lasted about two months before my big toe poked a hole and the seam started unwinding. I think it is good that they have been disrecommended.


Answer by laral

I also like Acorn’s slippers although my choice is their Men’s Spa Slide since my feet get too hot had they have an open toe area. But it looks like they have other models that have an enclosed toe space. Mine are extremely comfortable. I believe the footbed is memory foam and those are they only footwear that I prefer even to being barefoot. The fabric is like terrycloth and it does wear out after about a year of wearing them but given that I wear them any time I am in the house every day, I think that is reasonable for $30. Acorn Men\'s Spa Slide

Answer by bruce horn

I’m very happy with a pair I bought recently  from SiameseDreamDesign through Etsy. They are very comfortable and have rubber soles and a very nice Hmong design motif. Mine are vegan, but they have other options and a variety of eye-catching designs. 

Answer by josh simons

Where’s the link to the reviews that downgraded the product?

Without that, this seems like it could be corporate dirty tricks (post to a widely distributed list that your competitor’s product is no longer a good value).

I have had a pair for almost a year and they are stellar.


Answer by wyattsdad

I’m a huge fan of Glerups slippers. They’re attractive, warm, and very well made – of 100% natural materials. They’re remarkably durable – I’ve been wearing them daily (ours is a shoe-free home) since 2004, and I’m on my third pair.

At $95, they’re not cheap (though I’ve found them for less). But given all their upsides, I find them totally worth the price.


https://www.glerups.com/products/ (note you may need to click the US flag for the US version of the site)

Answer by pdonald
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Second for Glerups. I’ve got a pair of the ones with the rubber soles, and they’re great. I think I got mine at a discount through Huckberry.

Answer by elvisisdead
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