• How do you use Evernote?

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  • Evernote is a great tool to do note taking and so much more. But how do you use Evernote?

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    Question by dominique dejonghe

To know what I already do with it: The Evernote Essentials eBook. Have a look here: http://goo.gl/AUb8b (affiliate link)

Answer by dominique dejonghe

Some of my notebooks:

  1. Recipes: Keeping all my cooking recipes. Either by writing them down or by simply taking pictures of the cook book (OCR does the rest).

  2. Health: one independent post for each health problem. For example: "left shoulder tendonitis". And then on each post I keep a log of whatever happened related to that problem (with dates). I keep the doctors names and contacts, medicine's names and posology, links to Internet research, etc. If this happens again later I'll have all the previous experience record as a reference.

  3. Pending Documents: here I drop all pending documents, like restaurant discount vouchers, music concert tickets, receipts for VAT, etc. Everything that still needs to be taken care of.

  4. To read: Articles I collect on the net or eBooks or whatever (I use this less today because of Instapaper)

  5. My blog: here I keep a note for each pending post in my blog. For which I already had an idea but still didn't write a post.

  6. SAP Consultancy: Here I have 623 notes, one for each task I did as an SAP consultant. Everything I did for the last 11 years is registered here. And I refer to it mostly every day. It saves me hours and hours of investigation. Sometimes I refer to stuff I did in the 20th century :) It requires discipline but it really pays off.

I keep some more notebooks for specific projects, but these ones I listed above are the ones I find more interesting to share.


Answer by nununo

I find it pretty useful for wine tasting notes (nothing fancy, I just take a quick snapshot of the bottle using Evernote on Android, title it with the name/year, price, whether I would buy it again, and any overwhelming impressions). It's easy for me to search through quickly when I stop by a liquor store on my way to a BBQ and need to find a $14 Shiraz I know I like.

Answer by droppedd

I am a web designer/developer and maintain an inspiration site @dsgnrsblueprint. I use evernot to bookmark sites I want to add to designersblueprint.com. I use evernote everyday, I have a terrble memory so its nice to have it on my phone,ipad, and computers.

Answer by matthewcarleton

I use Evernote for a lot of things, but this year for my personal freelancing business I have begun using it to capture and store tax-related receipts . For instance, I snap a photo of a working lunch receipt on my phone (using the handy Android widget) and send it directly to my Evernote "Tax Receipts '11" folder (or forward email receipts to said folder). I use the Note subject line to classify the receipt by category. At the end of the year, I have digital copies of all my tax-related receipts, which I can sort by date, category/type, etc. Coupled with a financial services package like Quicken or Mint, this reference file will save me a ton of time getting my taxes ready and provide backup for itemized deductions.

Answer by mrgripe

I use it for tracking workouts outside of normal weights or running. For example, training for Metrodash where I may do 3 rounds of farmer's walk, burpees, and box jumps. Most workout apps won't have a place for alterntaive training methods.

Answer by xavier davis
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