• How to fix a leaky fireplace cast-iron throat damper?

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  • My fireplace has a cast-iron damper in it, which looks pretty much like this one: http://www.northlineexpress.com/itemdesc.asp?ic=5VE-01-005&source=shopping&kw=5VE-01-005&

    Notice the small hole in it, no idea why that's there, but that plus the fact that it seems to have warped a little adds up to a LOT of cold air rushing down my chimney during the winter months.

    Does anybody know of any tools that could seal/fix a leaky damper? I've seen links to the "chimney pillows" but they look pretty wimpy as well as annoying to put in / take out every time. I was hoping for some kind of high-temp sealant to fix the cast iron damper's warped edges, but if that's not an option, does anyone have experience with the top-mounted chimney dampers?

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    Question by egb
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