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  • Does anyone know how to rejuvenate velcro after it starts fraying any doesn't stick well anymore? I have various items that I hate to throw out and replace just because of the velcro. Lint accumulating in the hooks and the loops fraying both are a problem.

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    Question by tony_osqa

You can clean the hook side with a metal comb, and the loop side by putting a piece of duct tape on it and then pulling it back off.

There's also a tool called a GripClean that is used for this, although I have not tried it.

Answer by jon konrath
  1. clean it, as Jon suggests above
  2. sometimes (and I don't know why it doesn't always work--perhaps it's a matter of the material used?) you can greatly recondition the loop side by applying heat in the form of a hairdryer on high heat/low fan.
Answer by pevans
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