• I'm looking for an adjustable fastner to link a bungy loop to para cord

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  • Hi, I have a winter cover on my swimming pool which has bungy loops round the edge. At present I tie para cord to these loops and run it to pegs at the edge of the terracing to hold the cover on. My problem is that tension can only be adjusted by the knots at the bungy loop. I am looking for some type of fastner that will allow the tension to be adjusted easily. Any ideas ? Thanks David Atherton

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    Question by davea16

Nite Ize has a variety of Tie Downs and Bungees that might be suitable.

Answer by wayne ruffner

The reason there isn't a bustling industry in devices like this is that for most kinds of line including paracord there are knots that work reasonably well for most time scales- e.g. variations on this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taut-line_hitch . For a gadget, simplest would be a line loc which is a plastic friction-only lock to replace a taut line hitch- see several examples here http://www.zpacks.com/accessories/spectra_cord.shtml. If this isn't permanent enough, there are also cam based gadgets that stand in for an old climbing ascent knot called a Prussik- there are several variations, but the Google-fu word they all have in common is "ascender"; see e.g. http://www.petzl.com/en/outdoor/ascenders . Hope one of these is some help!

Answer by chunk
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