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  • I've heard of instapaper, readability, and of course Kindle. What are the pros and cons of each. I have both an iPad and an iPhone, is one better for each?

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    Question by wayne

If you don't need and in app store to purchase books i highly recommend GoodReader. Easy sync (through wifi/web/email/itunes and customizable). I used it before iBooks came along (which i now use almost exclusively).


Answer by notsharp

Instapaper is excellent for reading articles you've found on the web, while Kindle is better suited to actual books. In that sense, they have completely different use cases depending on what type of material you're reading. They're both outstanding on iPad and iPhone. As far as I know, Readability on iOS only exists as a webapp at this point, not an app through the App Store.

I have to second GoodReader too. It's easily the most powerful, flexible document reader out there, but, again, it performs almost a completely different task from what either Instapaper or Kindle can do.

Answer by benferguson
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