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  • I have remodelled my kitchen recently, and my previous wine storage (basically a cheap bookcase) has been displaced. Since I'm going for a fresh start on my kitchen organization I was wondering if anyone had any experience with wine racks that are intended to fit inside a cabinet. In particular, I would like to be able to stack my bottles such that they can be easily removed and rearranged, without wasting a lot of space for the rack itself, and as I live in an earthquake-prone area, keeping the bottles from rattling around and shaking loose would be a good thing. (I have actually had a few close calls on my old setup where a bottle worked its way out and onto the floor - nothing broke, thankfully!)

    I'm not interested in a wine rack that's intended as a display piece; I just want to be able to store as many bottles as possible in a 24"-wide cabinet while keeping them secure and accessible. Reasonable solutions that are not originally intended to be a wine rack are also more than welcome.

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    Question by fluffy

I've used the J.K. Adams company wooden wine rack. They are modular, sturdy and easy to assemble. They are secure, accessible; however, they are not the most efficient use of space.

Answer by linuspa

I took a minimalist approach and stack them with a couple of these:


Mine are even simpler; they don't look like wine bottles. You can barely tell they are there.

Answer by veen
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