• iPhone app that allows to-do lists between 2 mobiles?

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  • Hi -- not sure what you’d call this, but I’d like to be able to have task lists or to-do lists on my phone. And have that same application on my assistant’s phone, so that if I make a change or add something or make a notation, it also shows up on her phone, and if she crosses something off the list, or marks it completed or whatever, it shows up on my list.

    I guess this is a pretty simple thing? Kinda like a google docs thing that is shared. Except I’d like to have it as a little app on the phone with notifications. Don’t know if there is something out there like this?

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    Question by vinko

See if Trello can suit your requirements (in terms of functionalities) - www.trello.com.

It is a webapplication, so the data stay on a server, and so they can be accessed/modified by two or more people (and you can discretionally define who can see/touch what) but it has also a client app (surely for iPhone, probably for Android, too) so you can update/check things away from a computer, too.

It was originally designed to organize projects for small teams, and it may look like an overkill for a 2-people task list, but it was purposefully designed to be very easy to use, so it can easily scale down to things like what you want to do.

Answer by pamar

Look at Simplenote:   http://simplenote.com

The iOS app is here:  


Clients for Mac, Windows, Android and Kindle.

Free and works well.

Answer by jerrys

For simple to-do lists that are shared and updated in real time, I use Grocery IQ with my wife. It’s pretty rudimentary, and (obviously) designed for grocery shopping, but you can set up multiple lists for whatever you want. When someone checks off an item (or adds one) your lists updates immediately, and you get notifications for added items. Nice when you’re shopping together, but also handy for things we need at the hardware store, drug store, etc. It’s cross-platform too, which is nice since we’re on different systems. Works better on IOS than Android, but does the job on both.

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