• Is anyone using and happy with ChromeCast?

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  • I haven't gotten mine yet, and I am very happy with my Roku. Is anyone using the ChromeCast? Is it working for you? Would you recommend it?

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    Question by kevin kelly

I'm using it, and like it so far. It's a bit slow when loading the first video after you send it something, but the controls are decent from a Nexus 7, especially for Netflix and YouTube.

We have a Roku 3, but we haven't really warmed to it and it's largely sat idle for months. What sets the Chromecast apart? For me, it's chiefly in how I select what to watch. I can navigate my Android device much more intuitively than the endless "click click click" with the Roku remote. I had the same issue with the XBox 360 (no Kinect), and to a lesser extent Google TV. You interact with the small screen - point, slide, type, etc. - until you find what you want, then send your choice to the ChromeCast.

The Roku has many more features at the moment. But Chromecast's virtue is how it largely gets out of the way of me doing what I want with the few supported apps.

Answer by Jim W

I like mine. Attached it to a disused TV and put it in front of my rowing machine.

Roku is better - but this does what I need for $40.

Answer by tarquinflimbim

I got my $35 unit in time for the 3-month Netflix credit, so my net cost was $11 plus sales tax -- I got free shipping from Amazon.

For that price, it's a great device. I have a PS3 connected to my big TV that acts as my first-choice device for Netflix, Amazon Prime, and I run PS3 Media Server on my Windows desktop computer so I can stream video from there to the PS3's built-in DLNA video source.

I use the Chromecast to get Netflix on a second TV in the guest room, and it works really well. You choose your video using your phone or tablet, and use that same unit to control pause and playback. If you have a fast wifi connection from your phone to the same router that the Chromecast is using, then pausing is very quick, but if you're wifi connection is a little slow you might see a second or two of lag.

Overall, I'm very happy with my Chromecast -- especially at the very low net price I paid for it.

Answer by tcfjr

I'm happy enough with it. My big problem using it is that sometimes the Netflix video stops halfway through, but that's a "My Internet Sucks" problem, not a Chromecast problem

Answer by jacoby

As mentioned above, it's great for Netflix or Youtube and Goolge music via your mobile looks great, but you can't stream local content like your own pictures or videos from your phone...yet. Some hackers are working on this. And if you want to stream a video from your laptop that is not on youtube, or some other content from your computer, you can "cast" a tab, but the picture is pixelated on my tv. I've tried to change the options to make it look better, but at this point, it's optimized for youtube, netflix and google movie/tv content. I like using it with Google music since my audio system is hooked up to my tv. You can't beat it for $35.

Answer by mystro2b

Three of them in daily use. Its not all that it will be in a few weeks when Google turns developers loose with the final API, but for Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play Music its awesome. Note that I have 3 current generation Apple TVs, 2 Google TVs, and a Roku 3. The game changer with Chromecast is that there is no user interface or remote. I'm using the apps that i use every day on my phone and tablet - apps that are much better for finding and browing content that any remote centric UI on a traditional media streamer. Also, the fact that once I start the Chromecast, my tablet is no longer involved and I can use it for other things while retaining contol of the Chromecast in the status bar. This whole new UI paradigm is where Google nailed it with Chromecast. By comparison, remote apps for AppleTV or Roku are a huge PITA - really just duplicating functionality of the traditional remote control. And, there are a whole slew of Chromecast enabled apps that developers already have working - juat waiting for Google to authorize them when they declare the API stable enough for prime time.

Answer by hillkwaj

Got mine last week, and I really like it. We have a Raspberry Pi and a Roku hooked up to the TV, but the Chromecast still has a place. Initially used it to show YouTube videos mostly, but I do plan on taking it with me on business trips. I really would love some way to send videos from my Nexus 7 to a TV, and I understand a couple of folks are currently trying to get apps out for that purpose.

Answer by robbyy

I got mine with the $24 Netflix credit, so I can't complain, but I wouldn't buy it right now for $35. It streams Netflix independently quite well, but that's about all I can actually use it for. "Casting a tab" from Chrome on my laptop is a no-go, the sound and video stutter too badly to watch at all. Once this is fixed, if it ever is, then it will become a dynamite device.

If you want it for a specific use that it already does well--Netflix, Youtube, or Play--then it might be worth $35. Otherwise, wait.

We have the Roku 3 on our bedroom TV and it's outstanding, I would definitely recommend it over the Chromecast in its current form. The Roku is super-fast and just as easy, if not easier, than the chromecast, and I prefer the Roku remote to a laggy app on a phone, and the Roku remote has a headphone jack in it, which is genius.

Answer by nicov

We have it plugged into the receiver. This works very well. The phone has become a superb remote control that lets you find a good show easily. It decouples the playing and browsing function which lets you use an independent and fast device or program for looking for shows and another for playing them. I find the Chromecast quite liberating.

Answer by marstein

It works OK....as others have said...with the NetFlix deal, it's worth it...IF you don't already have a Roku or an AppleTV...if you do, then it's somewhat redundant..esp. with new updates coming for those two units that should match this streaming feature that the Chromecast has.

Answer by hobbes

Chromecast wont play video on your PC? I've tried for 3 weeks and still am having problems. Does google really need to track everything. Even at $35 not worth it. I'm thinking of just throwing it away.

Answer by bigmike22

Waste of money, even at $35. Have been trying for weeks to play content from my PC. Does google really need to track everything I watch? Thinking of just throwing it away instead of giving it to a friend and causing them headaches.

Answer by bigmike22
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