• Is there an automobile GPS that displays lake, river or mountain names

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  • I travel quite a bit and would love to know the name of the lake, river or mountain I'm passing (instead of just a blue or green blob) Or even the name of mountain range in the distance. Is there a GPS that does this? Thanks.

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    Question by jbhiker

I have a Garmin GPSMap 60CSX that allows you to upload whatever maps you'd like, and I know it can do what you're looking for. But it sounds like you are looking for one that will predominantly be used in a car. If my Garmin is any indication of what you can do I imagine you can install expanded maps (that you'd most likely have to buy) that would allow you to achieve this functionality.

With that being said, I'm pretty sure a model designed for hiking/boating would probably be your best bet.

Answer by Oliver Hulland

If you have an Android device, Google Earth has enough layers available to display any features nearby, including geological ones like lakes and mountains, along with their labels.


Answer by christopher
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