• Is there an email client for Android that has filtering?

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  • I have an Android phone that's hooked up via POP3 to a number of different email accounts. The problem is that I get a lot of email from listservs, and I don't want to pull this to my phone. But I can't find an email client for the phone that's smart enough to let me filter out emails. Does anyone know of a good one? Thanks.

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    Question by joshua frank

I have a similar situation, and I solved it by having everything bounced to my gmail account, and using gmail's filtering mechanism (with labels, etc). This not only handles the hundreds of email messages cleanly, but it does a very respectable job of managing spam as well.

While you may not be that excited to have all your mail stored at google, I've found it so incredibly convenient, that I doubt I'll ever go back.

Answer by georgikeith

I run k9 on my android phone and I solved the problem in a different way.

I run the filters on my servers - gmail or pop3. My filters just redirect the mail into different folders as it arrives.

In k9 I can subscribe to some folders and ignore others. Voila.

Answer by mattk

It's worth noting that trying to code up a set of filtering rules using your little phone is invariably going to be more of a pain than doing so on a server. Besides, having your phone be the filter makes your phone the bottleneck through which all your email travels. Want to reply to an email from your computer? Better hope your phone battery is properly charged, or the email won't be in the same state (pre-post filter, un/read, etc).

Having a single server (like gmail, but any IMAP system could work equally well), and using your phone as just one of several possible interfaces to the email data, along with your tablet, or your workstation, or even your kitchen computer makes life so much easier.

For the record, this has been my favorite thing about the google-apps/android pairing. Not only is my email accessible from both places, but the contact information is consistent too. When you get an email from somebody, you can add their email address to the same DB that holds their phone number, IM accounts, or other emails, and with minimal effort you can build a rolodex that actually spans several modes of communication.

(full disclosure: I am a recently-acquired Google employee, though I had been a fan of google-apps/android long before my employer became part of the borg)

Answer by georgikeith

What I would like is a filter that upon arrival of a new cyclical email, finds the previous older version and deletes it, while keeping the new arrival.

Answer by richjoyner
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