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  • Has anyone ever used a portable internet radio? I'm looking for a good one - not necessarily the best, just one that works well.

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    Question by bernie c

I think the reason you're not getting answers (I've been waiting too) is the term "portable".

If you mean "in my pocket" then that's probably only going to be any of a zillion smartphones.

If you mean "small enough to carry around occasionally, from place to place", then maybe the Logitech Squeezebox or one of the Grace Digital internet radios.

I've just recently gotten a Squeezebox. Except for having to plug the thing into a power outlet, I'd call it a fine portable radio. I like it.

Edit/Addition: The Squeezebox has an internal cavity (with a door) that holds a 2200mAh battery, so it looks like it actually can become what I'd call a portable Internet radio. WiFi only, of course.

This one was about $70 via eBay.

Answer by wayne ruffner

I use my iPhone + a Logitech bluetooth speaker. Pretty happy with it, although I wish the speaker would get a bit louder but maybe i'm losing hearing. As for the radio part their are lots of apps that can do streaming radio (i radio stations I typically just stream public radio and use the public radio app. I've also used Pandora. Apple is intro'ing a new radio service, and i heart radio app can do tons of other radio stations.) To be honest I mostly stream podcasts though, not radio.


Answer by kevin
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