• looking for the best hatchet?

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  • Not an axe, not a chainsaw, I'd like a hatchet..

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    Question by wayne

What for? Different hatchets for different jobs. For general use, you can't go wrong with Gransfors or Fiskars. If you need something nice and light for camping, I love the Gerber Gator Axe 2 combo (not actually an axe).

Answer by derek murawsky

Fiskars, as mentioned above.

Answer by kevin kelly

Hi. If you're shopping for an axe or hatchet, check out Garrett Wade. They have a wide selection. The Wetterlings' Belt Axe, Wetterling's Camping Axe and the vinatge but never used Swiss Army Axes are well worth considering.

Answer by petra

I have a Fiskars axe as noted above and it's great. The composite handle is incredibly strong and light. The weight is in the head so it's easy to bring down. If I was looking for a hatchet I'd definitely look at Fiskars.

Answer by dmitrym

Wetterlings seems to be the best globally available hatchets and axes for the price. Gransfors-bruks are at least as good, but cost more. Both these are heavy, hand-forged, pro-grade tools you can hand down to your grandchildren. Heavy is good in a splitting and/or hewing tool.

If you want an extremely lightweight hatchet for camping or casual use, I recommend Fiskars. They weigh a fraction of what a proper smithed axe weighs, and will do the job for you (although probably not for your grandkids).

Answer by bugmenot

Wayne, do yourself a favor and checkout the Estwing line. They are all steel and can be sharpened to near shaving sharpness. I have several of the other brands mentioned above, but the Estwing is the one that I reach for most of the time.

Good Luck

Answer by philntex
Answer by c_j

Hultafors axes are the probably the cheapest of the 3 Swedish makers (Gransfors Bruks and Wetterlings the other two). Hultafors also make the axes for other people, like Husqvarna, I believe.

If in Europe I think you can pick up a Hultafors hatchet for much the same price as a Fiskars one.


Answer by ren

Following are most popular and top rated hatchets. Fiskars X7 Estwing E24A & E44A Gerber 31-002070 Gransfors Bruks wilidlife hatchet

Answer by nick007
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