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  • I came across my copy of Motion Mountain by Christian Schiller this afternoon. I remember that it was free and that I had originally come across it on Cool Tools. I also remember reading most if not all of it and enjoying it for the most part.

    I went to check the link and noticed that there hadn't been much in the way of updates or comments for that matter. The only comments were 2 from the book's author, and one claiming him to be a crackpot.

    I remember a few claims and / or sections that seemed a little outside my recollection of physics, though nothing much more egregious than you might find in other parts of the internet. Full disclosure, my personal bias is toward giving 'fringe' ideas the benefit of the doubt.

    So my question: Who read Motion Mountain: An Adventure in Physics? Did you like it? Should it still be on the list? What would you replace it with?

    Anyway, just interested what anyone thought of it....


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