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  • Hurricane Irene left me a 6 inches of water in my basement and no power. Anyone got a recommendation on a good hand-pump? The only thing I found on Amazon seems to be a piece of junk. I thought about a bilge pump for a boat but I need to run the water about 20 feet out the door.

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    Question by christian waters

This is not actually made for your purpose, but since I'm sure you've got a gazillion things to do, you might find it handy. Plus, it's cheap.

Answer by courtney ostaff

Sorry. Each crank or push on a hand pump will move about three tablespoons of water. Get on the waiting list to rent a gas-powered one.

Answer by hereitcomesagain

dbestpump.com has something you may be interested in. it retails for around $150 on the net, which is expensive until you see it moving water on their site and on youtube. the best feature is that it can be used manually or with a battery powered drill.

Answer by 3polishprince

Lehmans has the same or similar pump as the one 3polishprince posted. I don't knkow anythig about it though. They have other hand pumps too but those are meant to be attached to water wells.

Answer by thefool

When I started this I didn't think I was providing an answer.

I agree about the gas powered pump as much as it pains me to say so. Twenty feet is as good as a mile for pumping distance. You can start by using a bilge pump to a container (the container of a wet/dry vacuum is a good choice, another being the drain pail for a dehumidifier) that is high enough to drain via gravity though a hose to the outside. Attach a hose to the container's outlet and run it outside. Pump the short distance into the container and the hose will discharge outside.

Answer by frank virginia

It's electrically powered, but a sump pump works well. Get one with a float switch. I use mine to move water from a downstairs rainbarrel to an upstairs one via a hose.

Answer by amy thomson

Another option, if you have running water, is to get a water-powered pump. There are pumps that use municipal water pressure to pull water out of a sump. The only problem is that you will have a lot of water coming out of your hose, which could make area flooding worse.

Answer by amy thomson

For about $27, including shipping, the “Improvements” company will send you its “Water Siphon Pump.” It has a 4.6 rating on nine reviews. I have one on order.

It takes garden hoses at both ends. It can be used as a hand pump alone (lots of work, the seller implies), or to start a siphon going through it. If a location below the bottom of the basement can be found, like the bottom of a storm drain, and if enough hose can be hooked together to reach it, siphoning ought to work. Here’s the link:


Answer by roger knights
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