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  • Can anyone suggest a good non-kinking hose, preferably 100 feet in length? The last one I bought didn't just kink, the $#*! knotted.

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    Question by christian waters

Okay, there are no perfect hoses. I've heard that they don't kink if they're full of water, so if you have a shut off valve on the far end, you could try that. However, your hose will be lots heavier.

Coiling your hoses properly will help avoid kinks. As you coil it, you want to give the uncoiled end a horizontal twirl (like holding one end of a two-person jump rope). A little practice will help you figure out which direction to twirl the rope.

Here is a link to instructions on proper coiling technique: link text

Also, at the end of the year, I drape my hoses over a railing as I coil them, so that water drains out the free end. That way the hose is empty when you put it away. No drooling hoses, and no freeze damage.

Answer by amy thomson
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