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  • Can anyone make a recommendation for a chocolate candy bar that does not melt in high temperatures (say 50 degrees Celsius or so)? I've recently arrived in a location where normal Hershey bars don't last for more than a few minutes. Ideally, I would like something that can stay firm in a pack or pocket, but be soft enough to eat and taste decent.

    As a kid (during Desert Storm), I remember special Desert Bars. Is anything similar available now?

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    Question by dtk

First thought is German SchoKaKola, sort of energy chocolate that comes in a tin, which would be less messy.

Answer by ren

Try Carlos VI bars. You can find them at Mexican groceries. They remind me of the survival chocolate in scout dehydrated food packs. I think that they are made to take the heat of Mexico without refrigeration.

Answer by nepperhanman
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