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i need a new shower head. I want something low flow but high pressure, if possible. I'm sure someone out there has one they like....

asked Jan 17 '12 at 07:27

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I have one of the hand held ones from water management and they are amazing. http://www.takeashower.com/

My last place had water that barely dribbled out and this shower head turned it into a blast. Everyone I've recommended the shower head to has loved it.


answered Jan 19 '12 at 10:33

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Try Ecocamel (www.ecocamel.com/). These heads aerate your shower as it flows thereby maintaining pressure, but reducing water use. I have one at home that works really well. Only thing to watch out for is that they are slightly more noisy than a standard head.


answered Jan 19 '12 at 09:15

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I have the Oxygenics Storm and one similar to the Elite Oxygenics Skin Care on this page. http://www.faucetdirect.com/oxygenics/c30780?source=gg_oxygenicsgen_oxygenicsexact_oxygenics_e_7422965963_1t1_g&s_kwcid=TC|20470|oxygenics||S|e|7422965963

I've had them both for several years now and they still look and work like new. Best low flow showerheads I could find. Really nice pressure, even in a low water pressure apartment (and now that I have moved to a regular water pressure condo, they are even better)


answered Jan 19 '12 at 08:45

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I also have a Real Goods showerhead, the one that costs about $12 and has a flow rate of 1.2 gallons per minute (and an on-off switch). The realgoods website is down at the moment, but a Google search will turn up this showerhead on Treehugger and other sources. I bought mine from Real Goods around 1996 and it has performed flawlessly all these years; guests (especially those from Europe) always remark how much they enjoy our shower. It gives a very strong and satisfying shower but not the "pins and needles" kind that hurts. It does take longer to wash long hair under it, I'm told....not an issue for me as I don't have much hair left myself. ;-)


answered Jan 19 '12 at 08:39

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The hotel one from real goods is awesome, I have it in both showers in my house, the high pressure is almost a mist.


answered Jan 17 '12 at 09:29

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